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Piyo&Yopi is a twin doll created by Klara Galena's magic

Kanji Name







Nicknames Piyo(girl)


Gender Female&Male
Master Klara Galena(current)


Race Magical Doll
  • Scarlet Hart Dark Forces
  • Akasha's team
  • Magic User
Team Scarlet Hart

Team Akasha

Weapons Devil Tridents
Type Offense
Height 144cm(Piyo)


Weight 34kg(Piyo)


Hobby -
Likes Their master,travel
Dislikes Betrayal



(Piyoピヨ)(female) had a light-blonde down-pigtailed hair,blue right eye and red left eye with no pupil,blue star tattoo on her left cheek,doll-like ankle and pale skin,she's most seen blush.She wore a small accessory black-red hat,a black and with lolita-styled blouse and skirt and also red ribbon.She holds her blue colored devil trident.

(Yopi/Yupiユピー)(male) had a light-blonde hair,red right eye and blue left eye with no pupil,red star tattoo on his left cheek,doll-like ankle and pale skin.He most seen snickered.He wore a red beanie,gothic styled butler uniform with red tie and put his red devil trident on his back.

When they're founded by Klara,Piyo has a very long hair and wore a pink dress and Yopi looked like a girl,he has a shoulder length hair and wore a casual red-clothe,they doesnt have their star tattoo.


Klara and Yopi is quite selfish,and enjoys badmouthing people.They're quite sadistic and did not approve their lose.However,they were really care for those whom they think is nice to them.They also will do anything to help people that helping them.They really respects Klara and obedient to her words.

Actually,they were a nice doll and always happy and view humans are really nice but after Mana left them,they were changed into a cold person.


About 4 years ago,they were a doll of a girl named Mana.They were not a normal doll,because they could hear voice of the humans and animals and can talk in telepathy to other creatures(except humans) however they cant speak or move.They were loved by Mana,but one day,Mana fell asleep in a schooltrip and accidentally left them on a tree.When the rain started to be much,they wished to end they're sadness and have a better life.Then,Klara approaches them and somehow she understands what they're talking in telepathy,then she helps them and make a better life for them.

Klara changed them into a human(but their ankle still like a doll) by her magic then asks them to be her friends and they make contract with her.They were very grateful and loves Klara as their sister and mistress.Klara told them to do any requests of her and Scarlet Heart Team leaders but to kill those who betrayed Scarlet Heart.




  • They're not aging,and wont die until Klara dies.
  • Piyo had a habit to say So impolite in the end of her sentences(そう失礼Sō shitsurei)or adding the word 'impolite'.
  • They're star tattoo is a contract mark with Klara.