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Nathalie Miyazaki is one of the protagonists.

Nathalie Miyazaki

Kanji Name ナタリー·宮崎
Romaji Name Natarī· miyazaki
  • Nathalie
  • Ookami-chan(Drew,to her werewolf form)
  • Werewolf-Nathalie
  • Nathalie-sama(Her servants)
Gender Female
  • 14(begin)
  • 16
Date of Birth January 20
Affiliations Student Werewolf

Magic User

Miyazaki Family

Team Harmony&Friends

Miyazaki Guardians

  • Kudonoba Whip
  • Kuragedoku Arch
Magic&Type Werewolf Princess Awakening&Dark Magic
Hobby Drawing,Playing Violin,Eating
Likes Kawaii Things,Drawing


nathalie as a werewolf

Nathalie has a light skin and she has a loli-sized bust.She has a long wave black hair with clips on her side of bangs.She always wore her moon necklace that become a full-moon when she's a werewolf.She has a golden eyes that even looked more scary at her werewolf form.She wore her school uniform at school,outside school she usually wore a mini-skirt but her top always changed.


As werewolf,she grows ears and wolf-tail.Her pupil is gone and she has a scary golden eyes.Her body is 3/4 covered by wolf fur and 1/4 by her normal skin.She still wore her necklace and the moon became full moon.

Several months after Scarlet Heart's defeat.Nathalie has middle-back hair style and wore a headband.and she has grown her bust.


nathalie smiled

At first,Nathalie is a clumsy,shy girl,and also has a childlike behavior,in contrast to Drew's mature personality.After the story progressed,She is sometimes quick to anger, and easily irritated with those that she does not know well,even so her anger is not seriously noted by the others because her childlike-voice.She has a strong will to follow through on things once she makes a decision.

When she become a Werewolf,her personality changed much and her bust has changed drastically.She become very rude,blunt,moody and ill-tempered who often threatens to kill Harmony when Harmony annoyed her.She will eat humans badly when she's hunger.While in her werewolf form,she called Drew 'baka aniki' while in her human form she calls Drew 'Drew-kun'.





  • To Drew:("my power will only hurt people,Drew-kun.So its better for me to be gone").


  • Nathalie often seen drawing manga when she's out of task.
  • Nathalie is 154cm and 44 kg(begin) and 157 cm & 47 kg
  • Nathalie's magic rank is B later A.
  • Nathalie already had a puberty but she's still an AA-cup.
  • Nathalie scared to singing in front of people except if have to.she only singing if there is no one.