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Drew is one of the protagonist characters.

  • Drew
  • Baka Aniki(Werewolf-Nathalie)
  • Innocent Playboy(Celline,Kazuma)
Gender Male
  • 14(Begin)
  • 16
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 31
Affiliations Student

Magic User

Hair Green/turqoise
  • Harmony&Friends
  • Magician Tools
Type Offense
Blood Type O
Height 158cm(begin)


Weight 49kg(begin)


  • Unnamed Woman(mother)
Hobby Sleeping in lesson time
Likes Strawberry,Snake,Abstract Art



Drew has a messy green hair that has 2 points sticking out,sometimes his hair seen turqoise.He has dark yellow-green eyes.Drew often bring his PSP.At school,He wore his school uniform.

At battle,his clothes resembles magician's clothes with white eye mask.

Several months after Scarlet Hart's defeat,Drew has a more neat hair and no longer has 2 points that sticking out.


terralion talking to drew

Drew has a very calm demeanor and can even be seen as stoic.He rarely shows emotions on his face and instead, can be seen as blunt when speaking to someone.He's very mature for his age and a long-thinking person.He's soft spoken and understanding,preferring to listen rather than speak.He fights Terralion when Terralion makes Drew truly enraged.Despite that the two actually quite concerned about each other and Terralion.

He could not resist when he saw the sad/confused girl and ended helping the girl.To the werewolf-Nathalie,he often argues with her out of fun and teasing her,when he was with her he somehow different from the usual.

drew is asked by nathalie to go with her(Ren watching them from behind)

He is quite a NEET,and cant live without internet or games.


Drew has a rich mother,his father passed away before his birth.Drew rarely talked to his mum because she rarely stays home.Because of that,he grow be a 'didnt care' guy and hiki-NEET because he only friending with his games.Drew's mother doesn't like his habit and called him an unsuccessful child,making him sad hear his mother talking to her friend about him like that.

When Drew was 10 y'o,he went out from his house and live by himself in an apartment,however every month Drew's mother paid the rent and give him money to live.

At school,Drew is a loner and playing his games always.However,he's a genius with IQ 152and always managed to get top 3 rank in studies.That makes Ren,interested in him and befriends with him.Slowly,he make group with Ren,Harmony and Terralion. When Concordia is annoyed by some boys that call her a crybaby,Drew said that they cant talk like that,and men have to protect women,not humiliates them.Then,Ren come and told the boys that annoyed Concordia to go away(the boys go away since they're afraid of Ren).Then,Drew introduce Concordia to Harmony and Terralion and they become best friends.



  • To Nathalie Miyazaki:("you know,nobody is perfect in this world.Everyone has weakness but sometimes,the weakness is what makes you strong")
  • To Nathalie Miyazaki(describing Concordia Melodiara):("a fashionable ad pretty girl,quite naives and noisy than i thought,similar to me")


  • Drew's magic rank is B