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Concordia Melodiara is one of the protagonist characters,she's Harmony and Drew's best friend.

              Concordia Melodiara
Kanji Name コンコルディアメロディアラ
Romaji Name Konkorudiamerodiara
Nicknames Concordia
Gender Female
  • 14(beginning)
  • 16
Status Alive
Date of Birth April 9
Affiliations Student

Magic User

Team Harmony&Friends
  • Headphones
  • Mic
Magic The Shining Diva Sound
Type Offense(+defense)
Blood Type A
Height 157 cm(begin)


Weight 50 kg
Hobby Singing,shoping
Likes Orange,animal-stuffed dolls



Concordia is a pretty and fashionable girl as described by Drew,she have a light purple colored hair with one pigtails hairstyle,orange eyes and often wore her uniform.When outside school,she often wear a pastel-pink blazer with a Tosca-green knee-length dress.

Her 16 y'o appearance has a shoulder length hair.


Concordia is a kind and peaceful girl. She cares a lot about people she loves. She's sisterly and tries to act mature.At first,Concordia doesn't speak much.

Concordia is known by her classmates because she is smart,even smarter than Harmony and have a beautiful voice.She likes singing and attending Band Club as their vocalist but stopped after she too busy fighting bad magic user.

Concordia will be angry when someone insults drew and can be overprotective to him,she's also naive and noisy when it comes to Drew.She also close to Kagami Akabane and blushing when they're in romantic moments even if it is an accident.


Concordia's parents being a noble member.She's lonely and only have few friends because she closed herself. Concordia wished to play with Drew since she's a child because she saw Drew playing with his friends and wanted to be like him since she only has few friends. When Concordia is annoyed by some boys that call her a crybaby,Drew said that they cant talk like that,and men have to protect women,not humiliates them.Then,Ren come and told the boys that annoyed Concordia to go away(the boys go away since they're afraid of Ren).Then,Drew introduce Concordia to Harmony and Terralion and they become best friends.




  • To Drew(inside her heart):("To me,you was like a bird that successfully flied out of its locked cage with a shining eye.But with the same eye,those eyes telling me that they was lonely out of boredoom.Thats why,im going to make those shining eyes became not lonely and hold'em in my arms warmly")
  • To Drew:("You really are a stupid-otaku").
  • To Kagami Akabane:("I'm not afraid,i felt warmth in Kagami-san's hand").


  • Concordia's magic rank is B
  • There is possibility that she likes Drew,because Harmony tried to make her close to Drew,however Concordia hasn't confirmed it yet.